Marital infidelity , parental control, corporate investigations. These are just some of the cases in which record a conversation or make a video recording can help you get answers about a legitimate doubt.

But it is legal, for example, install a bugging device in the car of the partners to find out if he betrays us?

With judgment no. 12042 of 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that in the car there is no confidentiality or privacy.

But be careful! Spy in the car is always prohibited when the bug is hidden inside the car by a person directly involved in that, when the recorder is operating, lies elsewhere. According to the Supreme Court, therefore, there is no rule prohibiting the bug in the car to record conversations between present, because the car can not be considered a place of “private residence.”

In these cases it is advisable to rely on a detective agency in order to request appropriate advice and ensure that there are the conditions for such an initiative and fully understand the terms of execution in accordance with current regulations.

Although control of the car by satellite device is to be considered legitimate, but you must specify that the GPS is just one tool for assisting investigative activity and tracks do not constitute a source of evidence.

The source of evidence is rather represented by the testimony of the investigator, the data and photographic surveys collected during the investigation.

The board, in the end, is not to fall into the error of thinking that money savings by buying yourself a GPS sensor for cars; on the contrary, by resorting to the “do it yourself” you run the risk of not to waste them and still obtain the desired result.

The investigative agency not only uses the latest equipment and technologies, but it has the technical and professional competencies in order to protect the interests of the customer, to dispel his doubts and, above all, it is particularly careful with regard to the processing of data and privacy.