Nowadays, almost everyone lives in harmony with your smartphone. It allows us to work, study, stay connected and informed. It also makes it more vulnerable our privacy, especially when we occupy a position where they can be motivated to acquire personal information, both of a private nature is of professional interest.

The acquisition of confidential information through the use of smartphone spy software, constitutes a clear violation of the law.

If you are concerned that someone is spying on our phone, you can contact a detective agency, able to detect any interception of audio devices on the phone.

telephone reclamations: What are

The telephone reclamation are carried out with the aid of special detectors, which allow to identify the radio frequency signals generated by the telephone bugging.

The provision of a detective agency are instruments of last generation and, if necessary, the agency may also be cited as a witness in court.

And this is a fundamental point: in theory everyone could improvise in the first person as a detective, but then any information gathered would not have an actual value of proof in court game. And then, having to do with the subtle sphere of privacy, you might commit a crime, which is why it is good to rely on professionals.