Tell me what to write on Facebook and tell you who you are. It was once the dress to make the monaco, today is the profile picture and your story on the company to tell who you are. And who has the right tools not only can understand who you are but also to discover what you do.

Do you have a lover? You betrayed your employer? You’re cheating the state? Or even worse, you’re preparing a terrorist attack?

On social networks, you will be found out.

It’s called Social Media Intelligence and is a real discipline used by digital investigators are able to analyze and control all content socially produced and exchanged and tools used to create them.

To understand what it is necessary to start from a basic distinction: that between social networks and social media.

The first (among which may include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for example) contain only a part of the vast world of this company on the web today. Social media, however, are the set of social networks and all applications or platforms that can facilitate the development of social relations and the creation of communication flows. Social media also contain all the blogs, forums, social sites, audio, photos, various images, video, chat and livecasting.

Anyone who has anything to do with social media content producers representing fingerprints.

And whoever produces them often commits of calculation errors or movement that are fatal for investigators.

The so-called “missteps”, in fact, are the primary source for finding information and data by the digital detectives.

To understand this concept, just think that even just listening to music on the internet or search for a hotel to book produces information and data on us.

Not surprisingly, next to social media intelligence was accompanied by a social media analytics , which is the set of techniques and applications related to the monitoring of users’ moods on the company, their reputation on the web, and complete mapping of private relationships that create and develop.

But what are the “fingerprints” cherished by the investigators? The images, definitely.

The images represent the documentation which has the probative value necessary to make the investigation report be produced in court.

And if the investigators do not have access to privacy as they do to collect evidence?

A third discipline that we want to analyze here is the   OSINT Open Source Intelligence , or the collection analysis and interpretation of information obtained from open sources, public and non-secret as newspapers, online journals, forums, social networks, but also data archives, commercial and scientific publications database.

The OSINT is the intelligence process that allows you to collect information, analyze it, validate it and corredarla to make it a test. It ‘a careful collection and diagnosis of information and requires a large digital and strategic competence.

The knowledge of these disciplines allows private investigator to find evidence to find out what we did directly from what the user produces the same public or social media. 

Not surprisingly, as we have said many times , the private investigator today is an industry specialist with high expertise in the scientific, technical and regulatory.

And trust him is the beginning of a great adventure …