The environmental remediation, telephone and electronic transactions are aiming to identify all the audio and video eavesdropping devices present within an environment such as a home, an office, a car or even an electronic device such as a telephone, via which you may be acquired or stolen confidential information and used to the detriment of the person or company. The reclamation activities carried out by the investigative agencies is therefore intended to counter unfair competition, industrial espionage, leaks, loss of data, theft of computer data.

Environmental remediation, telephone, electronic: types of bugging 
devices able to steal information and listen to communications of various types. The most common are the environmental bugs that allow you to listen to conversations that take place in a specific environment; gsm and through a cellular allow you to hear sounds, conversations and sounds; micro spy able to take videos and send them to a wireless device, or wire; bugging telephone type, which intercept conversations on the telephone line.

Environmental remediation, telephone, electronic: how they are made 
Recourse to the activity of environmental reclamation, telephone and electronics is crucial to detect the presence of bugs, and bugs that can pose a serious harm to the security of your business because they allow you to listen conversations or meetings and to gain information that can be used fraudulently against the company.

The environmental remediation, telephone and electronic are carried out with the help of highly professional bug detectors and last generation that detect radio frequency signals generated by telephone bugging, GSM, GPS locators and car, hidden micro.

The process of execution of the activity of reclamation as a result of a careful inspection leads to a detailed examination of the radio spectrum from VLF to SHF in order to detect the presence of shut-off devices and a physical and electronic examination of environments, including telephone systems, furnishings, local.

At the end of remediation it is produced a technical report summarizing the different steps performed and certifies the turning remediation activities.

The fundamental aspect in the implementation of environmental remediation activities, electronic and telephone is the high professionalism of the experts who performed these actions, which require high accuracy and the use of latest technology equipment. Therefore it is important to rely on experienced professionals who can guarantee effective protection of the risks and they can be a valuable aid in information security.

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