March was the month of the important news for the world of private investigations. In effect the new document UNI that maps security operations and investigations and the incoming identification card even for private investigators.

On March 11, thanks to the collaboration between UNI Italian Organization for Standardization  and AISS- Italian Subsidiary Safety Association , was published the complete mapping of assets and professionals working in the security sector and among them also private investigations. 

Today, the document entitled UNI / PDR 54 ” Private Security – Mapping of the supervision operators activities (complementary / subsidiary security), auxiliary safety control services / stewarding and investigations ” provides a clear and complete picture of the activities and professions operating in this sector, and defines the requirements for knowledge, skills and expertise related to the operators who carry out their activities in the field of private security services, according to a classification of six levels:

  1. Owner / Legal representative
  2. Director / Head of Service
  3. Coordinator services
  4. team Leader 
  5. Operator specialized 
  6. based Operator 

Security is a sensitive issue. – he said President UNI, Piero Torretta – is an aspect inherent in every place and every moment of our lives. Prevention is the best way to minimize risks and reassure people. For this it needs professional and competent organizations and workers who are entrusted with the task of supervision. ” 

According to Franco Cecconi , president dell’AISS “From today thanks to one RP 54, the result of collaboration between the experts of the Italian Subsidiary Safety and officials of UNI, it will be possible to increase the practice onalità operators improving their operational capacity, with the educational tools and the certification of such skills. “

The March 14 was held finally the first meeting of the Advisory Commission Central who also attended by a delegation of  Federpol , the  Italian Federation of Institutes Private for Investigations of the Information and Security, who urged the institutions to pay more attention category.

Specifically, Federpol reiterated the need to speed up the issuance of identification cards for private investigators. And in this regard, the State Printing Office, a few days ago, sent to the Ministry a graphic outline for the final implementation of the document. We’re almost there then. 

The request of an authorized card by the competent bodies for private investigators is actually already been made a long time ago and despite the positive response of the Government, the investigators still expect their personal “identification code.” 

” But it’s not just a badge ” – have often reiterated. Given the proliferation of patrons of the trade, little accustomed to training and specialization, it is essential for this particular profession a form of recognition that allows to divide the two categories: on the one hand there are charlatans and other private investigators.