Discover a betrayal is certainly painful, but being worn down by doubt can also be worse. First, a bit ‘of clarity must be maintained and take the time to think before making any decisions.

Phersei From experience, we can say that not always the suspicions turn into certainty. It happened, in fact, that the Agency’s activities is the deciding factor to determine the facts and remove from the customer’s head bad thoughts that probably would never dissipated without our investigative contribution.

When the fear of betrayal surrounds us, it is important to remain calm and not do things that could prove counterproductive. An example? If you have decided to resort to the ‘do it yourself’ installing bugs in the car or the partner gps … Think about it.

With judgment no. 12042 of 2008, in fact, the Supreme Court ruled that, yes, in the car there is no confidentiality or privacy; but spy car is always prohibited when the bug is hidden inside the car by a person directly involved in that, when the recorder is operating, lies elsewhere.

Therefore, in these cases it is always advisable to rely on a detective agency, to request appropriate advice and, above all, to obtain evidence for use in court.