With the new GDPR, it entered into force a few months, adapt to security systems is no longer optional for the individual companies but mandatory.  

The legislative device called the General Regulation on Data Protection , in fact, forces companies to notify the Authority, within 72 hours from happening, any breach of the system and to inform people of the problem referred to by the breached data.

Fundamental to the company show that they have put in place all possible means to protect their infrastructure and prevent attacks so as to avoid penalties that may go up to millions of Euros.

Protect yourself, then by cyber crime it is no longer just a far-sighted choice for individual entrepreneurs but a duty. This is because there is no longer a difference between who or what can be attacked because we are all vulnerable.

Small or large companies, small or medium-sized businesses and even private parties are all subject to security vulnerabilities. Protect owe it to themselves and to those who work within the organization. 

In recent years, virtual attacks of so-called hackers have had an incredibly explosive growth. No one is now resistant to this view. And the vulnerability not only affects the data on the network or those of our servers but also the same physical infrastructure that are put at risk every day.  

To combat or prevent cyber crime are many tools available. The attacks exist and can be fierce but science is now also able to respond in the same plane, with equal strength, determination and effectiveness. 

In this new article we will give you three important tips to protect your systems. They are the guidelines that, if followed properly, can help you create the perfect protection of your virtual company infrastructure. 

First, however, a suggestion that please always keep in mind:

To protect yourself from cyber crime must not act as mere users, but by real hackers, trying to think in their own way. Only then can you respond quickly. 

To improve the defense you need to act on two different levels: the strategic and the tactical.

The three starting points for creating your own protective barrier are these:

  • STRATEGY AND ANALYSIS : Analyze well your tools, the data they contain and how they are processed and protected. Try to understand the critical issues and the strength of your infrastructure and identified the dangers arising both from outside and inside.   

One step that you should do is to commission a computer security audit . This is a special service offered by some agencies that allow you to check well your level of protection and vulnerability.

  • TRAINING AND SPECIALIST : Having an IT department can respond to any attacks is no longer sufficient. All users in your organization must be informed and trained on hazards of the network and on the steps to take in an emergency. Respond promptly to an attack is the best way to combat it.

Every company employee must be aware of such misconduct could threaten the security infrastructure (eg. The use of USB keys, opening private email over the network and so on).

  • TAKE THE DEVICES USEFUL : Once identified hazards should be adopted protection tools. It is hardware, virtual machines and backup and you can also cryptosystems.

To do this you need to plan your budget and sufficient resources trying to figure out in cyber space you work together, both to protect that to complete our work.