He is doing much to discuss a case of scam broke out in Agrigento, where ten people – including doctors, pharmacists and associates – are accused in various capacities of conspiracy to fraud, forgery, receiving stolen goods and illegal exercise of the profession.

The story began when two local pharmacists have hired a private investigator, because they suspected that one of their colleagues, owner of a pharmacy and two drugstores, did unfair competition by selling drugs without a prescription.

To ascertain the fact, the investigator and two of his friends, posing as ordinary customers, they went into the drugstore – where, by law you can not sell anything but simple counter products – and actually bought without identification tags mandatory by law drugs .

The investigator made his testimony during the trial, but then rioted lawyers of the accused, who have not only asked to hear the agent’s friends investigator, but also called for the acquisition of the acts by the prosecutor for false ideology in competition with persons unknown.

Now the word is up to the judges, which are reserved to decide.

The point relates to the way in which the investigator has carried out the investigation. According to the defenders of the accused, in fact, his actions would be illegal because “the rules of law have not been observed that require both an attorney to confer the task.”

But the agent defended himself by saying that it is not so, since “it is a mandate given by owners, only when it comes to defensive investigations must be a lawyer to deliver it.”

Recall that at the time of the estimate, the private investigator is required to compulsorily make the customer sign a power of attorney conferring that authorizes the performance of the investigative not working without contribution, it is prohibited by law.