Contact a client who wants to review the child support pouring former wife, who, at the time of separation was not working.

From information learned, the man has news that it currently holds gainful employment and not declared at one salon for women.

Subject of investigation

Survey Activities

In agreement with the customer and to document what is reported, you have a dynamic monitoring of women for a period of three days, departing from his home, in the time slot 08: 00/14: 00.

Conclusion The two agents service employees (men and women) ensure that patrolled regularly comes home at 08:30 and in his XXXXX car reaches the hair salon called “XXXX” site in the neighboring country, where they see the work in hair cutting and bending.

As further confirmation of the activity, the woman agent, goes within that store to a fold, performance that is executed directly by the person under surveillance.

On one occasion it is sent to an operator in the shop posing as customers, which is served directly from the supervised by a fold.


Following the activity performed and documented how, the client got from the judge the variation of maintenance.

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