Yesterday Italy stopped to say STOP to violence against women. Every year now, on the occasion of International Day Against Violence Against Women (established December 17, 1999 the General Assembly of the United Nations), thousands of associations and public bodies devote their activities to the memory of thousands of victims of this terrible social evil .

In 2018, it was just under 50,000 women who have turned to the anti-violence centers in Italy. Nevertheless, international experts working on different fronts, said that Italy is still too little to fight feminicide and violence against women. The invasion of privacy is now a felony for all states of the advanced countries. And protect it is a right of every citizen.

The crime of stalking

Only after years of stress, with the art. 612-bis of the Penal Code, the government has regulated legal framework establishing the crime of stalking the penalty of imprisonment for those who commit it. But the alleged offense is to “persecution” and this has created some controversy by stakeholders.

Article. 612 bis states: “Unless the act constitutes a serious crime, stalking is punished with imprisonment from six months to five years for anyone with supply line repeated, threatening or harassing anybody so as to cause a continuing and serious state of anxiety or fear or give rise to a well-founded fear for their safety or a close relative or a person related to the same emotional relationship or to force the same to alter their living habits. “

The incriminating also aimed at protecting the psychic tranquility and individual privacy, since the purpose of the offense configuration “it is sufficient that the acts considered persecutors have a destabilizing effect of serenity, the psychological equilibrium of the victim” (Cass. n. 8832/2011).

Often we tend to make a connection between the crime of stalking and domestic violence. It ‘clear that in both cases report is the most important step but stalking is not necessarily committed by a person close to the victim, such as a family member, it also includes an unknown.

Stalking refers to harassing or threatening behavior that go repeatedly over time. And those attitudes can be divided into physical stalking or cyberstalking:

  • The physical stalking occurs when a person is the subject of stalking, stalking, telephone harassment, vandalism and threatening messages.
  • The cyberstalking is a persecution that is done through the use of the Internet or other electronic means.

Both behaviors can not always attack the physical integrity of the victim, even if they do certainly with the psychic, but often unfortunately – as recalled by the record of recent years – can cause the attacker to confine his behavior in an irreversible act such as murder.

Identify the persecutor is the first step to proceed in criminal ways and initiate the steps necessary for personal protection but to do so is necessary and valid evidence for the judgment of the court.

It is not always easy to find. Often, in fact, the mere action of the victim is not sufficient to establish the beginning of the protection procedure. Hiring a private investigator to prove the crime of stalking in America and other European countries is a fairly common practice. In Italy, however, not yet. Although the decision to rely on a professional of the investigations would make the very fastest and most secure method.

Thorough investigative survey, conducted by a private investigator, it is helpful to ensure their own safety and to assert their rights before the courts.

For testing purposes, it is important to have both the statements of the victim of the crime that the implications and after the conduct in place by the attacker.

What are the cases where the victim is important to hire a private investigator?

  • harassment and violence in private life;
  • threats and stalking;
  • trespassing and unlawful interference in private life;
  • illegal wiretapping by bugs, hidden cameras, GPS and spy software;
  • stalking;
  • mobbing.

But what behaviors constitute the offense?

  • The reiteration of pipelines persecutory
  • Repeated telephone calls,
  • The sending of envelopes, sms, emails and messages via the Internet,
  • The spread on social networks or video to post abusive content, sexual or threatening,
  • The damage to the car of the victim,
  • The verbal aggression in the presence of witnesses,
  • The grossly defamatory initiatives at the workplace

The private investigator provides services not only able to verify the offense with evidence but also evaluates the danger jointly offering innovative and effective intelligence service.