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Internal Investigations and Whistleblowing

Internal investigations with the support of Whistleblowing are now an indispensable service for entrepreneurs, employers and public administration, in order to protect assets, productivity and corporate credibility.

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Internal Investigations and Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is a mechanism to detect irregularities or abuses in companies, whether private or public. In the event that there is an abuse committed by any person within the company, including employees, partners, and managers, this process will allow for the determination of who carried out that illegal activity using information from witnesses (or whistleblowers) who have been loyal to their employer for years.

The Whistleblower, however, could also be a private investigator hired specifically to conduct internal investigations.

Benefits of Whistleblowing for Public and Private Companies

The advantage of whistleblowing is its ability to detect violations before they become publicly known through media sources and impact corporate reputation. This provides not only legal security, but also protection against possible lawsuits if it can be shown how much effort has been made by management to prevent these types of situations from arising.

In addition, whistleblowing can help avoid penalties imposed by government institutions when standards set in legislation are not met.

Why outsource internal investigations and whistleblowing to a private investigator?

While it is possible to conduct such investigations internally, keep in mind that there may be conflicts of interest when a person performs this function and also performs other duties within the company. That's why it is advisable to use a third party with no ties to your company or organization, an external service provider for your internal investigations, specifically trained and specialized professionals who can do their job objectively and efficiently. This is where investigative agencies come in.

An important factor in choosing an outside entity such as a detective agency is transparency: it professionally provides reports on its activities upon request and makes them available if requested by law enforcement.

In addition, a private investigator who plays the role of a whistleblower has extensive training in privacy rules, data protection laws, and confidentiality standards according to current regulations.

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