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Intelligence is considered to be the new frontier of investigation, it aims to obtain information from multiple sources that can be used in strategic terms.

Servizi di intelligence

What is Intelligence?

It is an instrument used by the State to collect, protect and transfer to interested parties (public or private) information that is important for protecting the security of institutions, citizens and businesses. In order to do this, intelligence uses professionals from different fields.

A noteworthy aspect is represented by the fact that these professionals operate according to particular procedures which have the objective of protecting the privacy of the operators and their activities.

What does the Italian Intelligence do?

In Italy, the intelligence activities are carried out by the Department of Information for Security (DIS). This is an intelligence body whose task is to ensure the security of the Republic, protect democratic institutions and political, economic, industrial, scientific, military and cyber security interests.

How does intelligence work?

The meaning of intelligence is to be found in an information process that is divided into 3 cyclical phases:

  • acquisition of information through research from multiple sources (the open sources are very important), each of which identifies the different types of intelligence;
  • management of the information, which is analysed and transformed into a cognitive contribution;
  • communication of the information (in the form of simple information, report or analysis) to the Government authority, administrators, public bodies or to the requesting subject.

Intelligence and private investigation

Private investigations are growing exponentially, especially in the field of research and processing of information, both in the private and corporate sector. The choice of protecting one's own assets, strategic information, or the need to obtain information relating to interested parties, may concern various sectors.

The intelligence activities carried out by private investigators are fundamental for both prevention and protection. The starting point is the processing of data, collected through the analysis of information from different sources, and then transformed into knowledge to be used for strategic decisions.

Phersei Investigation Agency is specialized in the following intelligence services:

  • IPO/M&A Intelligence, in the field of stock exchange and finance;
  • Background Check;
  • Competitive Intelligence on competitors;
  • Forensic Intelligence, for intelligence analysis
  • strategies within forensic sciences;
  • Information Breach Intelligence, for the violation of confidential data and information;
  • Security Risk Analysis, for the protection of confidential data;
  • Third Part Due Diligence and Monitoring, i.e. the assessment and monitoring of risks from third parties related to the requesting party;
  • Integrated Discovery;
  • Cyber Threat Analysis & Response, i.e. analysis and control of cyber threats;
  • Institutional Investigation, for institutional investigations.
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Due diligence

Background Check

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