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Private investigator Milan: costs, rates and prices

Looking for a private investigator in Milan? Phersei detective agency has been operating in the field of private investigations in Milan and many other Italian cities for more than 10 years.

If you need some sensitive information or if you want to get some doubts off your chest, you will surely wonder, for example, how much it costs to have a person spied on. Well, I will now clarify the costs and rates for each area of investigation of Phersei Detective Agency.

Private investigator in Milano

Phersei Investigations operates in a highly professional manner in the areas of private, corporate, commercial and insurance investigations, as well as personal and corporate security and surveillance management.

When you turn to a private investigator in Milan and anywhere else, it is important to be sure that you are dealing with professionals who can guarantee the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

These two aspects are observed at all stages of the investigation in which legal experts on the processing of personal data as required by the new G.D.P.R. nr. 2016/679 must be involved.

It is important to know what the private investigator can do as he or she is about to carry out all the activities under his or her purview while strictly observing the rules of moral integrity, professional responsibility and confidentiality. One of the fundamental rules that a private detective in Milan and all other cities must follow is the absolute prohibition to disclose the results of investigations as well as confidential information acquired during the consultation.

Investigations in the private sphere

Investigations in the private sphere are aimed at preserving private citizens and their interests, including in court. They concern family, matrimonial and property needs, and investigations are able to provide valid evidence for the defense of all types of rights.

If you are wondering, for example, how much a private detective costs to uncover a betrayal, know that rates and prices vary with respect to the activities, days needed, means of transportation, technologies and operators employed.

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Corporate Investigation

The corporate investigator works to obtain information and documentary evidence in order to protect the company and its resources.

In order to ensure the good and growth of the company, it is necessary to ensure the normal and proper conduct of daily work, and for this to happen, it is necessary to have full control over human resources, the company's computer apparatus, all data and strategic information.

Again, the prices of the private investigator in Milan change depending on the complexity of the investigation and the individual activities it involves.

Find out more about corporate investigations from Phersei Detective Agency.

Commercial investigations

Commercial investigations make it possible to acquire essential information to identify and evaluate critical and/or negative aspects of subjects, natural or legal persons, with whom one intends to enter into economic or professional relationships.

This type of investigative activity aims to know the real commercial, patrimonial and reputational context of the subject, who may be a potential customer, supplier, future business partner.

For this type of investigations, the costs of a private investigator in Milan can change relatively to the amount of information required, a simple view, for example, can be priced at € 20, more articulated information reports have a higher cost.

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Computer investigations and forensic investigations

With the advancement of technology and the increasing use of "smart" devices, it has become essential to take measures to protect sensitive data and information subject to attack by hackers. Phersei investigations conducts cyber investigations ranging from privacy protection to the prevention of cyber attacks and the detection of possible cyber criminals.

This type of investigation is closely related to Forensic Investigations, which consist of the recovery and analysis of data present on digital devices, to be used as evidence in court.

The prices of the private investigator in Milan, as is often the case, are variable and change depending on a whole range of factors, including, for example, the technological devices used, the operators involved.

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How much does a private investigator in Milan cost?

As you can easily guess, private investigators in Milan have varying rates and prices that are based on the scope of investigation, the complexity of the case, and resources employed, both human and technological.

What is most counted in the rates of a private investigator in Milan is his ability to assess, define the investigative scenario, tactics to be adopted, actions and techniques to be carried out, verification of investigative actions and results. These elements are examined by the private detective together with the client according to need, relevance and purpose.

After each investigative activity, it is mandatory to issue the client with an investigative report equipped with pictures, videos, descriptions of the target's locations and behaviors. This valuable report constitutes a legally valid document and allows the client to prove his or her case and assert his or her rights.

So, there is no clear and unambiguous answer to the question what are the costs of a private investigator, but it is most important to turn to those who have the right experience and expertise to meet your information needs, solve your most atavistic doubts to regain peace of mind.

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