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Server Forensic Investigations

Identify, identify, extract and analyze data on servers

Identify, identify, extract and analyze data on servers

Identify, recognize, extract and analyze data on servers.

Phersei Digital Forensics specialists analyze the servers with the aim of identifying, recovering and analyzing the data to be used as evidence in judicial proceedings. In consideration of the enormous amount of Big Data present on the servers, large-scale IT subsystems now an integral part of each company, a methodical and competent approach is essential for the prevention and management of computer crimes.

As part of the increasingly marked digitization of businesses and the incalculable strategic importance represented by the intangible assets (digital data) of companies, Computer Forensics professionals prove to be indispensable allies not only in the management and prevention of computer crimes such as industrial espionage and data theft, but also in commercial, fiscal, civil and employment law fields.

Phersei specialists identify, retrieve, store, analyze and present computer data by producing detailed reports that can be used in both civil and criminal proceedings.

The main objective of the investigations and IT reports is to preserve the evidence in its most original forms, to reconstruct specific events in the most detailed manner possible. Forensic investigations on servers mainly concern:

  • Unauthorized access to computer systems
  • Theft of personal or business data
  • Computer and cybercrime spurs
  • Search and detection of spy and malware software
  • Data recovery deleted
  • Data acquisition
  • Assessments and reports on modified digital data
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