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Agency security services

Security and surveillance services for individuals, companies or events

Security service

security and surveillance services to protect individuals, companies or events and demonstrations.

The agency Phersei security services, with offices in Milan and Rome, which specializes in private security services, enterprise security, security events and shows, is formed by a team of experts in the thick security sector, which with their experience and professionalism are able to satisfy any need for private or corporate security, in a highly professional manner with confidentiality and discretion.

The security agency is able to organize a service to protect safety and security of individuals, businesses, or for events with the aim of preventing and mitigating the risks which could have negative circumstances in any critical context. The security plan that only Phersei is able to organize requires the preparation of an accurate and detailed chrono operational program which is divided and develops in several stages

The agency Phersei security services is a leader in providing security services for companies and individuals who aim to safeguard and protect the person or company from the risks to which it is exposed.

The security services for businesses offered by our organization include:

  • analysis and study of the environments to be protected
  • risk analysis and threat assessment
  • control of incoming and accesses by the output or from the location
  • management of flows incoming and outgoing
  • monitoring and supervision of sensitive areas
  • CCTV control room monitoring and oversight
  • operational interventions in cases of critical events
  • Day and night surveillance services
  • Hostess / steward / receptionist on time open to the public
  • Wardrobe service
  • Bodyguard services
  • Close protection services
  • Executive protection
  • Accompaniments and trust services
  • Counterintelligence services, environmental remediation and telephone from bugs
  • Monitoring and fixed security picketing in private residences, businesses, hotels, yacht.
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