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Debt Recovery

Debt collection is an increasingly popular service nowadays. It consists of the initiation by a creditor of a procedure aimed at recovering a debt in the form of money from a debtor.

Debt Collection

A debt is created vis-à-vis a creditor as a result of the latter performing a service in the form of money in favour of a debtor.

The debt only exists if the creditor has also issued the debtor with all the documents necessary for payment, such as an invoice.

It is only possible to initiate the debt recovery procedure when the debtor has not paid within the due date of the invoice, with the certainty that the debt is not time-barred and has therefore become uncollectable. This is a fundamental service to which more and more companies and individuals resort, especially in times of national economic difficulties.

Phersei lends itself to help all creditors who need to recover their unpaid debts.

The debt collection service for individuals and companies is carried out in a series of steps starting with a free consultation with an expert, who carries out a feasibility analysis of the case and tries to trace the debtor.

The next stages involve sending a reminder letter with a telephone call and possibly sending a debt collection visit. The final stage is the negotiation of a debt settlement plan with subsequent debt write-off. Translated with (free version)

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