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Info Providing

Finding the right information when you want to take action to recover a debt is crucial: information providing for debt recovery purposes is only possible if it is the result of banking, financial and asset investigations on individuals or companies carried out by real professionals.

Info Providing

Meaning of info providing

Literally, info providing means providing information. In our case, we are referring to commercial information about a debtor against whom you want to initiate debt recovery proceedings.

What commercial information is needed in the context of debt recovery?

Bank investigations

Engaged private investigations are indispensable to support medium and small businesses because of their fundamental infallible information retrieval systems, they are reliable and efficient info providers in the debt recovery field. They can be carried out on both private individuals and companies, to verify their integrity, financial soundness and human resources. What do these bank investigations consist of?

  • Tracing current accounts
  • Tracing sources of income

Asset and financial investigations

Like banking investigations, private investigations of assets and financial investigations are essential for info providing for credit recovery, thanks to them you get

  • tracing of property owned
  • tracing of owned vehicles
  • verification of prejudices and protests.

Asset and financial investigations do not have the sole purpose of debt collection, they can also be used to protect a debt when carried out against suppliers, competitors and customers. In these cases, the most requested info providing services are:

  • exponents, powers, corporate positions;
  • Chamber of Commerce searches
  • balance sheet data
  • on-site inspections.

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