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Data Controller: PHERSEI SRL
Head office: VIA GIUSEPPE MARCORA 12 - 20121 MILAN (MI)
Contact details: Tel. 39 0266111664 - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Data Controller is responsible to you for the lawful and correct use of your personal data and may be contacted for any information or request regarding such processing.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your PC, tablet, smartphone or other terminal (hereinafter, the "Device") when you access a web page or application.

Cookies make it possible to store and retrieve information on browsing habits or the device from which the user is accessing, generally in an anonymous form and, depending on the information they contain, if the latter is previously registered, in order to recognise him as a user or customer.

The information relates to the number of pages visited, the language, the location from which you access it, the number of new users, the frequency and repetition of visits, the duration of the visit, the browser or device through which you connect.

What cookies are used by this website?

This site uses so-called "Technical" cookies for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of a service explicitly requested by the User, in order to provide this service.

Cookies of this type are necessary for the proper functioning of certain areas of the site and include:

  • Persistent Cookies, which are not destroyed immediately after closing the browser, but remain until a pre-set expiry date;
  • Session cookies, which are also destroyed immediately after closing the browser.

Specifically, this website does not use cookies to transmit information of a personal nature, nor does it use so-called persistent cookies of any kind, i.e. user tracking systems.
On the contrary, the use of session cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers, which are necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the site; in fact, they are not persistently stored on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

These cookies avoid the use of other IT techniques that could potentially prejudice the confidentiality of users' browsing and do not allow the acquisition of the user's personal identification data.

In the absence of these cookies, the site or certain portions of it may not function properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of the user's preferences.

Cookie di terze parti

Questi cookie sono utilizzati al fine di raccogliere informazioni sull’uso del Sito da parte degli utenti in forma anonima quali: pagine visitate, tempo di permanenza, origini del traffico di provenienza, provenienza geografica, età, genere e interessi ai fini di campagne di marketing. Questi cookie sono inviati da domini di terze parti esterni al Sito.
Nello specifico, vengono utilizzati cookies di Google Analytics, uno strumento che consente al proprietario del sito di valutare il modo in cui gli utenti interagiscono con i contenuti del sito web.

L’utente può, liberamente ed in qualsiasi momento, configurare i suoi parametri di privacy in relazione all’installazione ed uso di Cookies, direttamente attraverso il suo programma di navigazione (browser) consultando i link di riferimento e seguendo le relative istruzioni.

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The user can set the so-called "private navigation", thanks to which his navigation program stops saving the history of the sites visited, any passwords entered, cookies and other information on the pages visited.
Please note that if you decide to deactivate all cookies, the quality and speed of the services offered by this website may deteriorate drastically and you may lose access to some sections of the site.

Social buttons

One or more social buttons are present on this site, linking users to our page.
For the privacy treatment related to such navigation, please refer entirely to the respective Privacy Policy.

This notice has been drawn up on behalf of Phersei S.r.l. by 01 s.r.l. privacy services

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