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security management

Identification, analysis and management of potential risks


Security management

Identification, analysis and management of potential risks.

with its security management service, phersei focuses its attention on all management, identification and detailed analysis of potential risks that may directly or indirectly cause damage to assets and not (fraud, theft, disclosure of news confidential) within a company organization, a public body or any group of people or goods.

The individual responsible for organizing, implementing and managing security management activities is the security manager,

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The security management service offered by phersei consists of a series of specific management events for complete protection:

  • safety at work and safety on the environment:the security manager has the task of guaranteeing the correct liveability of the work environments, identifying the potential critical issues and finding solutions in order to pursue an optimal standard of security.
  • Asset Security::the security manager which seeks to protect the company’s assets strategies is known as loss prevention & security manager and studies, organizes and coordinates all the company’s investigation and supervision in order to prevent and manage business losses generated or linked to criminal acts such as theft, fraud, leaks.
  • cyber security: the security manager who needs to ensure on the one hand the security of corporate information systems, in order to be free from attack, the other must watch for all security protocols are properly applied.

Security managers: What does

  • audit without risks
  • business continuity plan
  • start-up, organization and management of security services


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